Zinke Orchards almonds are grown in Chowchilla California a small farming community in California's Central Valley. We prefer beneficial insects over the use of chemicals to protect our trees from pests therefore we only spray our nuts with chemicals when it is absolutely necessary.

After harvesting, particular care is taken in the processing and roasting systems to keep our almonds from chipping and losing their natural, subtle fresh almond taste.

We do not sell our almonds on amazon.com. If you wish to purchase almonds, please order by email at service@zinkeorchards.com.

Zinke Almonds only uses conventional almonds.

Nonpareil Almonds
Nonpareil is French for "having no equal." They really do have a flavor and aroma that has no equal. They were created in 1879 by A. T. Hatch, in Suisun California. They were among the first almond varieties created in California and have proved themselves successful from the beginning. Nonpareils are considered to be the most important almond variety in California because of their continually high market demand, probably due to their flavor. We use nonpareil almonds in all of our whole natural almond products.