What We Grow

Zinke Farms grows their almonds on 515 acres in California’s Central Valley. They have devoted themselves to preventing harm to the environment and their crop by reducing the amount of insecticide spray they use on their trees. Instead they use beneficial insects to prevent the damage caused by harmful pests.

Natural Almond Butter

Who We Are

Henoch ZinkeZinke Farms has been a family owned and operated since 1950. The farm was started by John Zinke's grandparents, Henoch and Alma Zinke. Harvey Zinke, John's father, grew up on the farm and learned how to grow and care for almonds. In 1996 John took over the farm. Harvey continued to expand the operation and started Zinke Orchards for the direct marketing of the farm's almonds in 1984.

Henoch Zinke early 1950s

In 2008 Zinke Orchards, Inc. was formed for the manufacturing and processing of all almonds grown by Zinke Farms

Zinke Orchards, Inc. has finished building their new, state-of-the-art
processing facility with new electronic eye sorter, new sorting lines, new dry roaster and cooler.
You are assured a clean, peanut-free environment for all our almonds and almond butters.





Zinke Farms respects their stewardship of the land and natural resources. Recently Micro-Sprinklers were installed to irrigate the Orchards, reducing water usage and promoting orchard growth uniformity. This benefits the land, and also increases nut size and quality.

Natural Almonds from Grower to You!

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